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4 Ways an Old Junk Car Costs You Money

An old junk car isn’t just an eyesore and annoyance, it’s also a money pit– in more ways that you have probably imagined. Read on to learn about four ways your old junk car could be costing you some serious cash.

  1. Registration
    It may only run about 20% of the time, but if you ever drive that old junk car anywhere at all, it needs to be registered. Usually the fees to keep a car registered each year are fairly small. Regardless, is that money that you would rather spend than keep?
  2. Insurance
    In New York, all cars are required to be insured. I don’t need to tell you that premiums for car insurance in NYC can be considerable. To pay such an exorbitant cost for an old junk car that you rarely — if ever — use is the type of luxury that most people can’t afford.
  3. Parking
    Obviously, parking in a garage costs money– sometimes huge amounts of it. But even if your old junk car is parked on the street in the Bronx, parking isn’t necessarily free. Odds are that it will collect some parking tickets, and you will be stuck footing the bill.
  4. Repairs
    And of course, there is that most unpredictable and frustrating of all automotive expenses: the repair cost. When a vehicle has deteriorated to the point of being an old junk car, you may be paying way more to keep it running than the thing is actually worth!

Add it all up, and that’s a lot of dough that your old junk car is costing you. To get free from these expenses — and get some cash in the process — call New York Junk Car Removal to begin the process of selling that old junk car.

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