Junk Car Removal Service in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Heights

Do you have a car that is just taking up precious space rather than getting you from place to place? Are you tired of dealing with paying to insure, register and park your car in Brooklyn Heights, when all it does is sit there? If this sounds like you, then it?s time to get rid of that junk car by calling the experts at New York Junk Car Removal. The difference with New York Junk Car Removal versus those other guys in the junk car removal business is that they will charge you as much as $200 to haul your wreck away. Instead of
that, we offer:

  • Free towing and hauling anywhere in Brooklyn Heights!
  • Top dollar payouts. We believe in getting customers the best possible price.
  • Immediate transfer of ownership, so you can have peace of mind and get on with life.
  • The best customer service around! Because junk car removal should be simple and pleasant.

So, instead of paying a scrap yard, you can have New York Junk Car Removal do all the heavy lifting for free, plus get a little extra cash to put towards a new car. You also get peace of mind knowing that your car is disposed of using only safe, environmentally-friendly techniques. Plus, the whole process is streamlined and simple. Here?s how it works:

  1. Call us up or enter your information on our website.
  2. We do a brief appraisal over the phone.
  3. One of our expert hauling teams comes to your home ASAP and confirms the appraisal information.
  4. We pay you top dollar on the spot and take ownership of the car immediately.
  5. We tow the car away for free.

That?s it. Just like that, the old clunker is out of your life and the money is in your pocket. We provide
this great level of service throughout Brooklyn, Heights, so call us today to get started!