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Convenient Junk Car Removal: A Reality, Not a Myth

No, I didn’t write that title backwards. This isn’t a prime time reality TV special, and some things that seem great really are.

But how can something as daunting and seemingly cumbersome as junk car removal EVER be convenient?

Let me show you. But first, for contrast, we’ll have to talk about the kind of junk car removal that you are probably familiar with.

Traditionally, getting rid of a junk car means calling up a scrap yard, which may or may not be located near your Manhattan home. These places charge outrageous fees, sometimes as much as $200, to take possession of your car. They may not offertowing services, and if they do, it almost certainly won’t be free, so you have to figure how to get your junk car over to the junk yard. It may take weeks to process the ownership paperwork, and in the mean time if anything happens with the vehicle, it’s your responsibility. To top it all off, the yardwill often just crush the car, not paying attention to environmentallyfriendly disposal methods.

That’s what junk car removal has meant to many people for a long time. Now, though, all those ideas are changing, because New York Junk Car Removal offers an entirely different level of service.

First of all, we don’t charge you fees to remove your junk car; instead, we buy it from you. We tow it away for free, so you don’t have to fret over how to move that hunk of junk from its parking spot in Manhattan. We take possession of the vehicle right away, so it’s off your hands and out of your mind. Finally, we take great care to dispose of all vehicles in a way that won’t harm the environment.

So you see, convenient junk car removal is very real. The Loch Ness monster, however…well, we can neither confirm nor deny that one.

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