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Creative Uses For an Old Junk Car

Are you the type who likes to repurpose your old stuff to give it new life? Have you ever turned an old shoe into a new planter? Or converted a worn out sweatshirt into a stylish laptop case?

If that sounds like you, and you are the owner of an old junk car, chances are your creative little mind is spinning trying to come up with ways to make use of it. Well, here are some suggestions for breathing new life into that junker.

(Note: these suggestions are meant to be a joke, not to be followed. Please do not do anything potentially unsafe with your old junk car. In fact, you can go ahead and skip to suggestion #4 for the real advice.)

  1. Dog house
    I’m wiling to bet Fido has had his eye on those fabric seats for some time now, so why not let him go nuts and make a full blown nest in that old Ford of yours. Bonus points if you install a doggie door on one of the windows.
  2. Storage shed
    Pull out all the seats, drop in some heavy duty rubber mats, and start filling your old car up with all those old photo albums and knickknacks you never use.
  3. Outdoor stereo system
    You know all those guys riding around with bass booming out of their trunks? Well, you can put that same principle to work for you, just without the portability. Be a hit at the next Brooklyn block party with your DIY Chevy sound system.
  4. Be serious
    Yes, these are all fun ideas, but they’re also a little too zany to work in real life. Instead, the best solution is to sell that old junk car to New York Junk Car Removal. You will get a top dollar payout and free towing of your old junk car anywhere in Brooklyn or elsewhere in NYC.

Plus, with the cash from selling your old junk car, you will be able to buy supplies for your next big project.

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