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FAQ: Why Should I Junk My Car?

All this week, I will be doing a series on some of the most frequently asked questions about the salvage car industry and process. For four posts, I will answer some of the questions we hear most commonly regarding junk cars.

By now, we have already established that junking your car can be easy and a source of extra cash. As if that weren’t reason enough, some people still ask, “why?”

As in, “Why should I junk my car? What are some good reasons?”

Fair enough. You have to make sure it’s worth your while, right? Since you already know that the junk car process is easy, free and profitable for you, let’s focus on some of the other benefits of junking your car:

  • Beautifies your home. I don’t know if you think that junk car in your Bronx driveway is making a statement about your quirky tastes, but I guarantee it isn’t a statement that you want others to hear.
  • Good for the environment. Having a junk car sitting on the curb can be toxic to the environment. The leaky fluids, decaying tires and rusty scrap metal all pollute the air and ground. A green salvage yard can dispose of your car in an Earth-friendly manner.
  • Supports local business. At New York Junk Car Removal, we work with local partners to handle towing and salvage duties. When you junk your car, you help keep those local NYC business afloat!
  • Reduces stress. How often do you find yourself thinking about that ugly junk car? Enough to give you a headache? Wouldn’t you like to be free of that? Enough said.

So, if free towing, convenience and extra cash aren’t reason enough, then may be those four reason will finally sway you to say, “it’s time to junk my car!”

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