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Junk a Car to Save Another

Have you ever wondered what happens to a car when it is junked?

You probably know by now that all the scrap metal is salvaged and repurposed, the toxic fluids and materials are all disposed of safely and all the decrepit parts are crushed. But what about a junk car that still has some working parts?

Say, for example, that someone has a 2005 Honda. It still works well, but due to a electrical system snafu, all the headlamps ad taillights need to be replaced. Shortly after getting the work done, the drive is in an unfortunate accident involving some stick Brooklyn traffic. He is in a situation where he is forced to junk a car, but what about those new — and still undamaged — lights?

Well, those can be saved at the salvage yard and sold to someone who needs them for their car. The workers at the salvage yard can strip any usable parts off a junk car and test them to make sure they are safe, then offer them for sale to the public.

This helps turn a somewhat unfortunate situation into a win-win-win scenario. Think about it:

  • A car owner in need gets an important part for their car, usually at a big discount. As someone who has bought inexpensive parts from a junk yar in the past, let me tell you that this is appreciated.
  • The salvage yard gets to make a little extra cash selling these perfectly good parts.
  • Most importantly, when you junk a car with New York Junk Car Removal, you get a little cash in your pocket and the satisfaction of knowing the salvage process was handled in the most efficient and professional way possible.

So, if you need to junk a car, but would like to help someone else out in the process, rest assured that you will be able to do exactly that.

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