New York Junk Car Removal is a professional junk and damage car buying service that performs junk car removal and pays top cash for cars in New York and other areas.

Junk Car

Junk Car

Do you have an old junk car that?s no good to you anymore? Are you tired of having a useless hunk of scrap metal cluttering up your driveway, or even worse costing you tons in exorbitant New York City parking fees? Sounds like it?s time to make the call and get rid of it. After all, living in NYC means limited space, so a broken down junk car is just a waste ? especially when there?s an easy and convenient service like New York Junk Car Removal to help you get rid of it.

How it Works

You may have heard unpleasant stories of people just like you trying to sell their junk car. Or worse, you may have experienced them yourself. Exorbitant hauling fees, a long wait for service, poor treatment of customers ? these are common in the salvage business. At New York Junk Car Removal, however, we make it simple by offering free hauling anywhere in the five boroughs, prompt top dollar payouts and pleasant customer service.

How does it work? Easy. Just call us up or visit our website to make an appointment. Someone will come out to meet with you right away. You will get an offer right there on the spot, then we haul the car away for free and cut you a check. We immediately transfer ownership as soon as you get paid, so you can relax knowing thet eyesore is out of your hair ? and your driveway — for good.

What it?s Worth

You are probably wondering what your junk car is worth. Well, that depends on a few things. For example, how old is your junk car? Is it an old Detroit iron war horse whose best days were in the disco era? Or is it a newer machine that had an unfortunate meeting with busy New York traffic? Either way, get an appraisal today and we guarantee we can make you the best offer around.

Once you have made the decision to get rid of your old clunker, call New York Junk Car Removal. From the Bronx to Brighton Beach, we will take of you right and right away.