New York Junk Car Removal is a professional junk and damage car buying service that performs junk car removal and pays top cash for cars in New York and other areas.

Sell Junk Car Today, Be Happier Tomorrow

People love stuff. New stuff is fun, it’s exciting and it’s novel. Those are all key reasons why we seek out new stuff. Old stuff, as it turns out though, has a nearly complete opposite effect. It accumulates and builds up, cluttering drawers, closets and shelves.

This clutter leads to stress as our free space gradually shrinks, an effect which is exacerbated in already tiny Manhattan apartments. We get more new stuff because it’s fun, that stuff gets old and stresses us out, we buy more new stuff, and so on.

A car is no different. Think about when you bought your car. Whether you bought it new or used, chances are it was still shiny. Best of all, it was yours, and it took you wherever you wanted. Then, over time, as cars do, it wore down.

Now, it’s junk. It doesn’t run, it takes up space, it may be costing you money and I’m willing to bet that it is stressing you out. The solution? Sell your junk car.

Yes, there are other ways to get rid of it. For example, you could pay a scrap yard a fee of $100+ to scrap the junk car for you, as long as you can get it there yourself. What? How does that make sense? That seems like a recipe to increase your stress, not reduce it.

It’s true, though– many scrap yards charge a fee to dispose of your junk car and won’t even pick it up.

Instead, you can sell your junk car to New York Junk Car Removal. We will pay top dollar for it and come pick it up for free, no matter where in Manhattan you live, from Inwood to the Financial District.

And now you can see for the basis of the simple mantra in the title: sell junk car today, be happier tomorrow. It’s a quick process that leaves you happier and a little wealthier.

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