Junk Car Removal Service in Staten Island

Staten Island

Staten Island Junk Car RemovalLiving in Staten Island pretty much requires having a car. But, that car does you no good if it is a hunk of junk that just sits in your driveway. Do you want to get rid of that eyesore for free, while at the same time getting some extra cash that you can put toward buying a newer, better car? If so, call New York Junk Car Removal. We offer junk car removal services all over Staten Island, all the way from New Brighton to Charleston. Other places will charge you $100 or more to haul your junk car away. Instead, we offer:

  • Free towing and hauling. We will come to you anywhere in Staten Island!
  • Top dollar payouts. We believe in getting customers the best possible price.
  • Immediate transfer of ownership, so you can have peace of mind and get on with life.
  • The best customer service around! Because Junk car removal should be simple and pleasant.

Here are the areas in Staten Island where we can arrange the towing of your junk car:

How It Works

Living in New York, you crave convenience and ease. We get that. After all, so many things in NYC seem inconvenient, why should junk car removal be a bother, too? That?s why we have streamlined our services to make everything as easy as possible for you, our customers. All you have to do is call us or enter your information on our website. Then, one of our local partners around Staten Island will reach out to you and come to your home to have a look at the car. After an assessment and appraisal of the vehicle, we will pay you top dollar right there on the spot, then haul your junk car away.

The whole process is quick, simple, painless, and leaves you with some extra money at the end of it all. You will love our prompt and friendly customer service, which is why so many people around New York City have come to us for their junk car removal needs.

No place in NYC is too remote, and no car is too beaten up or decrepit. We handle all kinds of junk car removal jobs, and we would be happy to handle yours. Give us a call today to get the ball rolling.