New York Junk Car Removal is a professional junk and damage car buying service that performs junk car removal and pays top cash for cars in New York and other areas.

What to Expect with New York Junk Car Removal Services

As a customer, it can never be avoided to expect much from the company you chose to give you a certain service. But there are more specific companies that can provide excellent services more than what you are expecting. Just like trying the service offered by New York Junk Car Removal, which has been in the industry for several years and has already proven responsible for its tasks.

New York Junk Car Removal makes a top offer for the car according to some criteria. These criteria will be reviewed to you both over the phone and right at the time of pickup. There will series of questions to be asked regarding the condition of the car and have verification on your responses once they checked the car. But in these cases, they are going to pay you right away. There may be instances that further assessment and appraisal of the vehicle is necessary after it has been hauled away. This is another case and you can receive the payment within 2 weeks.

You need not to be home once the hauling team shows up or pick up your junk as long as the paperwork is already in your car or you already provided it to them. Your car should not be in closed space or locked to have access on it. Another condition is that your paperwork is well taken care of and the car should be easy to get to. New York Junk Car Removal can pick up your car even without your presence.

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