New York Junk Car Removal is a professional junk and damage car buying service that performs junk car removal and pays top cash for cars in New York and other areas.

Why Pay For Junk Car Removal?

If you have ever attempted to get rid of a junk car ? or succeeded, for that matter ? you know that junk car removal in Brooklyn can be a real process. You have to find a salvage yard, convince them to come get your car, then pay them for the hauling. This last part is the worst: shelling out your hard earned cash, sometimes as much as $200, to get rid of a car you have already sunk too much money into. What a pain!

So, the question is: why pay for junk car removal in Brooklyn?

Most people will answer that there is not any other option. It turns out that there is, but we?ll get to that in a minute. First, let?s look at what happens when you pay a salvage yard to haul away your junk car:

  • The haulers come out whenever they feel like it to get your car.
  • Your junk car is taken to a scrap yard, where most of the parts are thrown out and the rest of the car is crushed. Often, little attention is paid to proper disposal practices.
  • Customer service can be less than pleasant at best.

Those are the basics of the junk car removal business, and on top of it all, you have to pay for even that level of service. Well, if you have gone through an experience like this, you will be happy to know that there is another option.

At New York Junk Car Removal, we pay you for your junk car and we pick it up for free, anywhere in Brooklyn! On top of that, we offer:

  • Prompt pick up and hauling.
  • Environmentally safe salvage and disposal practices.
  • Top level customer service.

Getting back to the question from above, why pay for junk car removal?

Answer: there?s no reason to. There is an easier to way to get your junk car removal needs met in Brooklyn.

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